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About Us

Kalpana Handmade Paper Industries is located in Rajasthan, Jaipur City, India. The Jaipur (Pink city) is world famous for its Tradition Art and Heritage. To keep alive the Traditional Art of Paper Making, Mr. Ram Prasad Saini established Kalpana Handmade Paper Industries as a Director in 1994 with an experience over 45 years in the field of Handmade Paper. Mr. Saini introduced the art of villagers into global market while improving life of artisans as well as their family.

Kalpana Paper Keeps India’s 500-Year-old Papermaking Alive

In a modern world of automated paper mills, Kalpana Handmade Paper is still standing to keep alive 500 years old handmade paper making industry. 5 centuries ago, the paper making community called “Kagzi’s” was settled in Sanganer town near a river. Over the many years Kings and British has ruled over it and industry has seen many ups and down. In 1940 Mahatma Gandhi stands for local handicrafts during fight for Indian independence and a paper society was established. Kalpana handmade Paper is third generation from this Paper Society and still standing for craftsmen and community of handmade paper artisans.

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