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Leather handmade paper is a remarkable and luxurious type of paper that incorporates actual leather fibers into its composition. This unique paper boasts a distinct texture and appearance reminiscent of genuine leather, making it a premium choice for various creative projects. Whether used for crafting, bookbinding, or special occasions, leather handmade paper offers a rich and sophisticated feel, combining the elegance of leather with the versatility of paper. Its exquisite texture and earthy tones make it a favored choice for adding a touch of rustic charm or old-world elegance to artistic endeavors.


  • Style Code
  • LP-003
  • Product Name
  • Leather Paper
  • Color
  • Teal
  • Design
  • Texture
  • Size
  • 180 X 30 inch ( 56 X 76 cm)
  • Thickness
  • GSM:100-658


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