Handmade Marble Texture Print Paper Sheets

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"Handmade Marble Texture Print Paper Sheets" offer a captivating blend of elegance and artistic expression. These unique handmade paper sheets feature a mesmerizing marble texture print that adds a touch of sophistication to your creative projects. The sheets showcase a harmonious marriage of handcrafted quality and the timeless beauty of marble patterns. Ideal for various artistic applications, from crafting exquisite invitations to adding a luxurious touch to scrapbooking projects, these sheets provide a versatile and visually appealing canvas. Elevate your creations with the distinctive charm of these handmade paper sheets, where each piece reflects the intricate beauty of marble textures in a bespoke and artistic manner.

  • Style Code
  • MP-002
  • Product Name
  • Marbel Paper
  • Color
  • Brown
  • Design
  • Texture
  • Size
  • 190 X 30 inch ( 56 X 76 cm)
  • Thickness
  • GSM:100-668


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